Trade Skill Courses

OGM Technical Institute Pty Ltd partners with Australian TAFE institutes to deliver accredited vocational skills courses that are aligned to industry need and industry skills shortages internationally.

The courses are selected to ensure pathways to work force placement of OGM graduates to positions where there is industry demand. In this sense we constantly engage with industry to understand where there are skills shortages and to bring courses that meet that demand with skills certified to Australian standards in the resources, energy and construction sectors.

OGM courses run through two, four and six month training units that deliver proven "work ready" trainee graduates. OGM deliver courses inclusive of training content, trainers certified to Australian standards, day to day quality management of training delivery, database management of student records, bi-annual independent Government audits and certified assessment and awarding of qualifications.

To ensure trainees gain the required skills to match the job requirements, OGM courses combine technical and practical training with 30 – 40% delivered in classroom focusing on technical environments, and 60 – 70% delivered on site with real work situational exposure that demonstrates skills application and capability under supervised working situations.

From 2014, OGM commenced initial courses in India through two partner institutions with trainers certified to deliver Australian accredited courses. The list of courses incorporates extensive OH&ES training. OGM will continually expand this offering matched to industry demand.

Form workers


Steel fixers






Diesel Machanics










Pipe Fitters




The courses we currently deliver with our partners include:

Intensive six weeks Trade Skills courses that have been customised to meet both the partner as well as industry needs. The courses are aligned to both Australian and Indian standards and the units are transferable, should the trainee wish to pursue further studies.

Customised short courses such as Work, Health and Safety. These courses can be a day long course or more depending on the requirements of the organisation.

OGM are also able to provide pathways for graduates of our six-month programs to undertake advanced training in Australia with our TAFE partners as international trainees with recognition of OGM training as prior learning (Subject to applicants meeting visa requirements.)

How to Enrol

Enrol through our overseas training delivery partners:

Required Qualification

  • High School and above.
  • 18 years of age and above.
  • Basic reading, writing, speaking, understanding of Hindi & English.

Other Criteria

As determined by the individual institution. Prospective students are advised to check first to ensure that they meet all the eligibility criteria.