Vincy Christhom

Vincy Christhom

Mr. Angelo Vincy Christhom has transferred to OGM India, from parent company NSH in Saudi Arabia with extensive Gulf working experience over the past five years. His last role was as the E&I Project Manager at the Saudi Aramco Fadhili Gas Project in Saudi Arabia.

His role as the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Inspection and Testing Officer, is to test MEP trainees against required standards, conduct assessments, check training and infrastructure facilities as well as equipment. In addition, he will conduct audits of OGM partners in India to ensure they meet NSH standards. This role will ensure trainees are skilled to levels required for overseas placements and provide our partners in India with guidance that will enhance the quality of the training being delivered.

Mr. Christhom believes that through his role in OGM, he would be able to identify the MEP training and development needs within the organisation, design and expand training and development programmes in these areas based on the needs of the industries, amend and revise programmes as necessary in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment

Christhom has a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and also a Master’s degree in Human resource management. Additionally has successfully completed the Trainer part of the Australian TVET course. Vincy is fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam

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